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Shipping Info

Shipping is available by Sea or by Air. Air Freight is the quickest , most expensive means of transporting freight.
Rates are changed per kg and is calculated by weight.
Sea Freight is the most economical means of transporting goods.
There are two main ways to send goods by sea freight.

LCL - Less Than Container load this means that goods are crated in specially design wooden crates , made to measure for the size of your goods. As already mentioned , sea freight cost are determined by the cubic meter or part there of. For example , if your product were 0,75 cubic meters you would pay for 1,0 cubic meter , if they were 2,5 cubic meters you would pay for 3 cubic meter. These cubic meter measurements also include the packaging around the the individual items and some destination have minimum shipment of cubic meter. The cargo is held by the shipping company until space in a container is available that is going to the same direction. The cargo is then "consolidated" with other general freight in that container and shipped.
LCL shipments have frequent handling and thus , we do suggest all customer to take insurance on all shipment to cover against damage during transit. Insurance is charged at 2,5% on the value of the goods.

FCL - Full Container Load is available is 20ft (30 cubic meter), 40ft (60 cubic meter), 40ft high cube (64cubic meter).
Shipments sent FCL are loaded in Bali and unloaded at the destination , hence there is considerable less handling and moving of the goods.
FCL shipment are more cost effective than sending anything more than 13cbm as LCL. Local clearance charges are changed per container or per cubic meter. Once 13 or more it is often more economical to send FCL.

Local handling. Through our association with ISI CARGO , we have an international network of clearing agents / brokers at our desponsal.
These agents / brokers assist with the clearance of all shipments upon arrival into PORT. In some cases , they can also assist with the delivery of your goods to your door. All local handling charges are paid locally at destination.
Included in our shipping fees

1. Packing to export standard packaging
2. Trucking from Bali to port of loading
3. Ocean freight to destination
4. Export document
5. Customs clearance on country of origin
6. Handling and stuffing
7. Fumigation including ISPM #15 standard
8. Sending the original document , including fumigation certificate , to destination by courier.


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