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Garden Lanterns

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Garden Lanterns - GL001
GL001 | Bali style lamp 30cm(W) x 30cmDIA) x 50cm(H) ..
Garden Lanterns - GL002
GL002 | Water surf ball 40cm(W) x 40cm(DIA) x 40cm(H) ..
Garden Lanterns - GL003
GL003 | Bali style lamp 40cm(W) x 40cm(DIA) x 100cm(H) ..
Garden Lanterns - GL004
GL004 | Flower ball with flower bowl and flower stand 60cm(W) x 60cm(DIA) x 120cm(H) ..
Garden Lanterns - GL005
GL005 | Leaves coconut stand 40cm(W) x 40cm(DIA) x 120cm(H) ..
Garden Lanterns - GL006
GL006 | Leaves palm stand 30cm(W) x 30cm(DIA) x 100cm(H) ..
Garden Lanterns - GL007
GL007 | Stand flowers close to the bottom 40cm(W) x 40cm(DIA) x 80cm(H) ..
Garden Lanterns - GL008
GL008 | Hibiscus stand with hibiscuc bowl 70cm(W) x 70cmDIA) x 120cm(H) ..
Garden Lanterns - GL009
GL009 | Paye stand with simple bowl 80cm(W) x 80cm(DIA) x 120cm(H) ..
Garden Lanterns - GL010
GL010 | Flower stand with simple bowl 80cm(W) x 80cm(DIA) x 90cm(H) ..
Garden Lanterns - GL011
GL011 | simple stand 40cm(W) x 40cm(DIA) x 50cm(H) ..
Garden Lanterns - GL012
GL012 | Frangepani ball with frangepani bowl and frangepani stand 80cm(W) x 80cm(DIA) x 200cm(H) ..
Garden Lanterns - GL013
GL013 | Leaves coconut stand 30cm(W) x 30cm(DIA) x 100cm(H) ..
Garden Lanterns - GL014
GL014 | Frangepani stand with flower bowl 70cm(W) x 70cm(DIA) x 100cm(H) ..
Garden Lanterns - GL015
GL015 | Hibiscus lamp 30cm(W) x 30cm(DIA) x 50cm(H) ..

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