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About Us

BALI BECIK STONE CARVING is establish since 1986 , located at Gianyar Regency the Center of art in beautiful island of Bali.

BALI BECIK STONE CARVING specialize in export of all kinds of stone carving product , aroma therapy , garment , wooden abstract statue , and any kind of handicrafts. We guarantee low prices high quality and beautiful design. is our company's objective Honesty and Building Trash with Our Customer is our principle. We do our best to diliver high quality products and prompt service to our customers throughout the world.

BALI BECIK STONE CARVING is a supplier of custom yard stone , aroma therapy , garment , wooden abstract statue and handicrafts all make ideal gifts. All his a original designs and individually hand carved of our best artists.
All of our stock products are ready in our warehouse and waiting for shipment. If you are interested please download them for further reference. In the meantime please contact us for more information. The detail quotation will be offered upon receipt your inquiry


Bali Statue Decorating Lighting Decorating Wall Garden Lanterns Molding Statue

Stand & Bowl Ventilation Panel Wall Light Cover Wall Relief Water Features
Sando Doll Synthetic Rattan Wood Doll Wooden Statue
Essential Oil Incense Massage oil Soap Spa
Dress Jamsuit Pant Sarong Scarf Skirt Top
Bag Beads ring Belt Bracelet
Ear ring Gasper Hair Accessories Necklace sono wood with glass beads
Necklace with glass beads Necklace with Paint Cow Bone Ring Shoes
Table ware